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Thursday, March 04, 2010


“they” say that you start to “nest” as you get closer to your due date. nesting is that uncontrollable urge to clean your house and prepare for baby’s arrival. i have been on maternity leave since monday and so far i have not had that nesting feeling. to be honest, i would rather sit on the couch and watch “a baby’s story” than clean the house. and my sloth is getting worse as the week progresses. as of yesterday, i was getting up at 6:30 a.m. to have breakfast with todd before he goes to work. today, i slept in until 8:00 a.m. and i only got up at that time to watch “the view”. to be honest, today’s episode of “the view” wasn’t worth waking up. i will start PVRing future episodes so as not to waste precious sleep time.

speaking of “a baby’s story”, on yesterday’s episode a baby was born with no fingers on his left hand. apparently this anomaly was “missed” on ultrasound. how do you miss this? this of course sent me scrambling to review my baby’s 3D ultrasound pictures. in one picture, my baby’s left foot looks to be half the size of the right foot. seriously. of course this then sent me googling “left foot bigger than right on ultrasound” for two hours on the internet. nothing really turned up on those searches except club foot and i’m pretty sure my doctor would have mentioned a club foot. between googling birth defects and labour complications, i really have no time to clean the house. raman says i am not allowed to watch “a baby’s story” anymore or self-diagnose through google. i will take that under advisement.

getting back to “nesting”, todd is also failing miserably on this front and may actually be digressing. i fear todd is a hoarder. todd particularly hoards on his dresser (and, let’s be honest, any other flat, uncluttered surface). i am trying to keep my ERD (explosive rage disorder) under control over this issue. i will never understand why he feels compelled to keep every receipt, earplug from work, scrap of paper or change from his pockets and pile them on his dresser. the change is what really provokes my ERD. what is so wrong with spending the change you have in your pocket? todd must have $100 worth of change sitting in a huge whiskey decanter. classy. if anyone knows where I can find one of those change machines, please let me know. i don’t think they have them at safeway anymore.

maybe i am starting to get that nesting feeling, it’s just directed at todd instead of the baby…


Blogger Natalie said...

I still say you should give up lawyering and become a comedian. You crack me up!

2:02 PM  
Blogger v. said...

hmmm... does todd read this blog crc? is this a passive aggressive attemt to have him clean the cluter off the dresser?

another thought - perhaps you can take this nestihg time and use it for coin rolling... while communing with the mighty opes?

please advise as soon as harriet, and her perfect feet, arrive.

3:28 PM  

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